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Spider Web Cracks: Did You Seal Your Asphalt Driveway Too Much?

If you find strange spiderweb-like cracks in your asphalt driveway after previously adding a fresh coat of sealant to it, you want to repair the pavement soon. Spider web cracks can spread throughout your driveway and cause a great deal of damage later. Learn more about spider web cracks and how to deal with them below.

What Are Spider Web Cracks?

Spider web cracks usually develop in overly sealed asphalt pavements. The proper amount of sealant should keep the asphalt from breaking apart or cracking after it dries. However, applying too much sealant over asphalt can weaken it. Weakened asphalt will eventually crack under pressure.

Although spider web cracks generally occur on the surface of the pavement, the cracks can deepen with time and age. Water, dirt, and fluids from your vehicle can penetrate the cracks and damage the substrate beneath the pavement. The pavement may eventually fail.

You can prevent the web-like cracks in your driveway from getting worse by repairing the pavement now.

Can You Fix Spider Web Cracks?

You probably can fix minor spider web cracks yourself. However, even a small number of spider web cracks can be deep enough to damage your driveway in the future. You can take precautions now by having a paving contractor examine your driveway and recommend the best way to fix it.

A contractor may clean out and refill small spider web cracks for you. The filling material may prevent the cracks from traveling deeper into the pavement. A contractor may also place a fresh coating of sealant over the repaired cracks.

If the cracks run deep into the pavement, a contractor may suggest you remove the surface of your driveway and replace it with a fresh layer of asphalt. A contractor may also need to reline the driveway or pack it with new aggregate to keep it secure after repairs.

If the ground beneath your driveway absorbed water over time, it may not be strong enough to support the new asphalt. A contractor may suggest you install a small trench drain around the driveway to redirect water away from it. There may be other drainage systems you can use for your driveway as well. 

You can keep spider web cracks out of your driveway by only sealing it when needed. If you don't know when to seal your driveway, ask a paving contractor for advice.

For more details about spider web cracks and how to prevent or fix them, reach out to a company like Virginia  Asphalt Services Inc.