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I have always been someone who loves a good presentation, even when it comes to something as simple as a nice-looking yard. Unfortunately, I didn't know that much about upgrading my yard, which is why I brought in professional contractors. They looked around and told me that the first thing we needed to do was to upgrade our driveway, and so we decided to do it. We had them completely break out our driveway and replace it with a stamped, stained version, and it looked amazing. Check out this website for tips on making the cement in your yard beautiful.

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The Benefits of Using Porous Asphalt for Your Commercial Paving Project

Porous asphalt is a relatively new type of asphalt that is being used. If your commercial business needs to have a new roadway constructed or a new parking lot installed, porous asphalt may be a great option for your project. Learning the benefits allows you to make an educated decision on whether it is right for you. Here are a few of the benefits associated with using porous asphalt for your commercial paving project. 

Porous Asphalt Is Better for the Environment

One of the major benefits associated with using porous asphalt is that porous asphalt is better for the environment compared to traditional asphalt. Porous asphalt stays cooler, which helps with temperatures in the area. Porous asphalt also allows water to pass through it, which helps the soil to maintain its normal moistness. It helps to prevent mudslides that can occur when water is channeled into one area and instead allows water to be distributed naturally to the water table under the asphalt surface. 

Many Counties Offer Incentives for Installing Porous Asphalt

Another benefit associated with porous asphalt is that many counties are offering incentives to businesses that are using and installing porous asphalt. There may be green incentives in your community or tax incentives associated with installing this green product. If you live in a city or county that is offering an incentive, it can make porous asphalt more affordable to install, which can be a huge benefit on a large project. 

Porous Asphalt Requires Less Drainage and Upkeep

The final benefit associated with porous asphalt is that it requires less drainage than traditional asphalt surfaces. It naturally drains, so you do not need to install expensive drainage systems or slope your asphalt surface in one direction. And because there are fewer drainage systems required, there is less upkeep involved with the asphalt surface. Drainage systems often clog and encounter problems. As such, they need to be regularly maintained to ensure they are functioning. If they fail, it can lead to asphalt problems or flooding. If you want an asphalt surface that is lower maintenance, a porous asphalt surface may be a great option for you. 

Porous asphalt has many benefits associated with it. However, it is not right for every project. If porous asphalt sounds like it may be a good fit for your paving project, contact a commercial paving company that offers porous asphalt to learn more about the material and whether it will work for your needs.